Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth, sometimes known as third molars, have long intrigued and perplexed patients and dental professionals. We at SkyRise Dental in Thornhill, Ontario, believe in providing our patients with comprehensive dental education.

This blog post aims to highlight the fascinating topic of wisdom teeth. We will also answer the frequently asked question, “Does everyone have wisdom teeth?”

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final pair of molars to erupt, usually between the ages of 17 and 25. We call them “wisdom teeth” because they appear later in life, frequently when a person is regarded as more mature or wiser.

However, only some develop these third molars; their absence or presence might vary from person to person.

Why Is Wisdom Teeth's Evolution a Mystery?

Their evolution is a scientifically fascinating subject. Anthropologists believe that our ancestors, who had wider jaws and consumed a coarse diet, needed the extra pair of molars to chew and digest their food effectively.

However, the necessity for these third molars diminished when human diets changed and became softer.

What Are Some Present-Day Scenarios?

Some people have all four wisdom teeth.

Around 35% of the population is expected to develop all four of them. These people experience the normal eruption of their third molars, which may or may not cause complications.

Some people have fewer than four wisdom teeth.

Around 45% of the population has at least four. Some people have only two or three of them, while others have none at all.

Some people have impacted wisdom teeth.

In some circumstances, they may not have enough space to develop fully. These impacted ones can become partially or completely trapped within the jawbone or gums.

In addition, impacted ones can cause various oral health problems, including pain, infection, and potential damage to neighboring teeth.

The Importance of Regular Dental Examinations for Wisdom Teeth

Why Are Regular Dental Examinations Important?

Regular dental check-ups are necessary for maintaining excellent oral health, whether they are present or not.

Your dentist can monitor the development and position of your them.

They can also recommend treatment, if necessary, through routine exams and X-rays. Early intervention can help prevent complications and relieve the discomfort associated with impacted ones.

Complications Associated with Wisdom Teeth

When they erupt, they might cause issues due to their position and alignment. The following are examples of common complications:

Crowding and misalignment

The late arrival of them might affect the alignment of your teeth. They can pressure neighboring teeth, causing crowding, shifting, or tooth damage.

Tooth decay and gum disease

They are placed in the back of the mouth, making them difficult to clean correctly. Their location can produce hard-to-reach areas where food particles and bacteria accumulate. Therefore, this increases the risk of tooth decay, gum inflammation, and periodontal disease.


While only some get wisdom teeth, several things, including genetics and evolution, affect whether or not someone gets them. It’s vital to note that their development is highly individual, and the optimal treatment depends on each patient’s circumstances.

At SkyRise Dental, we provide personalized dental care, including thorough examinations and expert advice on their management.

Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns concerning your wisdom teeth, we encourage you to arrange an appointment with our skilled dental staff. We are committed to assisting you in making informed decisions about your dental health and keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Call us Today!

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