Dental Veneers

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What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are made in a dental lab out of small, hard, tooth-coloured pieces of porcelain and ceramic. Most of the time, they glue on the front of your tooth. In more detail, dental veneers can fix things like gaps, crooked or chipped teeth, and discoloration, and make your teeth whiter. Also, they can last for a long time and are not permanent. They can even last for a long time. Over time, veneers have become more popular than other types of cosmetic dentistry. So, if you decide to get veneers, our professional dentist at SkyRise Dental can do high-quality work for you, so if you want to do it, do it right!

What Is the Process of Getting Veneers?

Nevertheless, you may have this question how are veneers done?

Here we explain to you a typical process of a tooth dental veneer treatment:

  1. At First, Your dentist will take an intraoral X-Ray and determine whether you need veneers or not.
  2. Then your dentist will prepare your tooth by removing a small amount of tooth enamel. Don’t worry; they will use a local anesthetic to numb you.
  3. Thereafter, your dentist will create a mould of your teeth using a scanner or a putty impression.
  4. Then choose your natural colour tooth for your veneer using a guide.
  5. The results will send to the dental lab to make a custom veneer that fits your teeth.
  6. At your next appointment, your dentist will fix your veneer and will check that you can conveniently bite or not.
A man smiling in a dental chair, showcasing dental veneers, enhancing his teeth's appearance

It goes without saying that everyone needs a flawless smile. However, if you’ve ever had a tooth chipped or cracked, or if some of your teeth are not the same colour as the rest, veneers are exactly what you need.

Why Dental Veneers?

In general, the greatest advantage of dental veneers is that they will improve the appearance of your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. Here are a few additional advantages:

Natural Look

Because of its tooth-coloured property, it gives you an incredibly natural look.

Permanent & Long-lasting

Veneers made of porcelain are robust and long-lasting. Furthermore, they might last for many years, even decades.

A Fast Cosmetic Treatment

Dental veneers are a simple solution for issues such as gaps between teeth, broken or missing teeth, discoloured teeth, and misaligned teeth.

Easy to Maintain

Surprisingly, they don’t need any extra attention. Your teeth will remain in good condition for a very long period if you brush and floss them on a daily basis.

Minimum Enamel Removal

It’s not a particularly invasive treatment. In more detail, the dentist will take away half of the surface of your tooth and then use cement to stick the veneer to your teeth.

Permanent Whitening

Porcelain Veneers can resist staining from smoking and drinking coffee, unlike the natural teeth. So they don’t need to get whitening, and their whitening is permanent.

Looking for Dental Veneers?

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Types of Veneers

There are four different types of cosmetic dental veneers that we will explain below:

Porcelain Dental Veneers

The most popular types of veneers are made of ceramic shells that are tooth-colored. In reality, they are a great permanent option and stronger and more lasting than other kinds of veneers.

Composite Dental Veneers

This type of veneer is made of a compound of organic materials like initiator, resin and inorganic materials like composite resin. In addition, they are not as durable as porcelain, even the strongest ones. Also, they are less expensive than porcelain veneers and don't last long.


They are common for discolouration and misshaped teeth. Lumineers veneers are strong and can last long, similar to porcelain veneers. However, they are smooth and give you a natural look.

Removable Dental Veneers

Also called snap-on veneers. There are two types of them:

  • Instant Dental Veneers

First, you have to put them in hot water. Then press your teeth to them. So they fit your teeth. They are not good for daily use and aren’t a good permanent solution.

  • Custom Snap-on Dental Veneers

For this cosmetic veneer, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends it to a dental lab. You can get your veneer when it is ready. They are good quality and easy to use, but they don’t look as natural as permanent veneers and can hurt you if you wear them too often.

Why SkyRise Dental?

We realized that you are looking for the best dental veneers in Thornhill, Ontario, So here at SkyRise Dental, we assure you that you can have the best dental veneer services near you.

With our expert dentist, you can get a good dental veneer consultation near you that exactly is what you want. Additionally, our modern dental technology allows you to have teeth veneer without removing your existing tooth structure. Surprisingly, the dental veneer treatment is often completed without any painful injections. We suggest the tooth veneer treatment with prices that fit your budget.

Don’t worry! You can always get the best cosmetic veneer for teeth with a high-skilled dentist in SkyRise Dental. So if you need to make your smile even more beautiful, don’t hesitate to contact us today to get the best dental veneers in Thornhill, Ontario.

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Generally, the best veneers are made of the finest porcelain. But it depends on each case and which type of veneers they need.

They can fix imperfections such as :

  • chipped teeth
  • worn teeth
  • straiten crooked tooth
  • discoloured teeth
  • close gaps in teeth
  • overlapping teeth

Dental veneers can last for years; we expect 15. However, they may last longer if you take care of them very well.

No! Using a local anesthetic won’t feel any pain during this treatment.

However, some veneers need the removal of a small amount of enamel; veneers don’t need that you have your teeth removed!

Like your natural teeth, you must brush them twice daily and floss them.

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