8 Tips for Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Tips for Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

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What Is Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene is the process of keeping the mouth clean. It involves brushing and flossing regularly to remove food debris and plaque. Also, it prevents tooth decay, gum disease, and foul breath. It is essential to use fluoride toothpaste and replace toothbrushes on a regular basis. To maintain oral health, routine dental exams are necessary. You have to maintain good oral hygiene, especially when wearing braces.

Avoiding tobacco products and eating a balanced diet can improve oral hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth twice daily, floss once daily, and use mouthwash if advised. Taking care of your oral health results in a healthier smile and better overall health.

The Importance of Excellent Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

While wearing braces, it’s essential to practice good oral hygiene. As a result of the additional spaces created by braces, the likelihood of plaque accumulation and tooth decay increases.

Maintaining good dental hygiene can stop these issues from developing. Brushing after every meal aids in the removal of food particles and plaque from braces and teeth. Using a soft-bristled brush and paying particular attention to hard-to-reach places is critical. Flossing with threaders or orthodontic floss eliminates debris between teeth and wires.

In order to monitor oral health and adjust the braces as needed, routine dental exams are crucial. Avoiding sweet and sticky foods reduces the risk of cavities.

In addition, you can use mouthwash to remove food particles and bacteria from the mouth. Maintaining good dental health while wearing braces guarantees a healthy smile and effective orthodontic treatment.

Maintaining Excellent Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

8 Tips for Maintaining Proper Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Maintaining good dental hygiene is essential when wearing braces.

Here are seven ideas to help you maintain good hygiene and dental health throughout your orthodontic treatment:

Brush After Every Meal

Brushing helps eliminate food particles and plaque from your braces and teeth. To clean around the brackets and wires, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush at a 45-degree angle. Remember to brush your tongue and chewing surfaces as well.

Use Fluoride-containing Toothpaste

Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay. Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your brush and brush gently yet thoroughly.

Floss Daily

It can be difficult when wearing braces, but it’s still essential. Use floss threaders or special orthodontic floss to get between the wires and remove plaque and debris. To protect the wires, take your time and be gentle.

Consider Interdental Brushes or Water Flossers

Interdental brushes are small brushes used to clean between braces and teeth. Water flossers use a stream of water to clean difficult-to-reach areas. Both can be helpful as alternatives or additions to traditional flossing.

Attend Routine Dental Exams

Regular dental checkups are essential during orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will check your dental health, provide cleanings, and make any required changes to your braces. Additionally, they can offer more advice on maintaining good oral hygiene.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Those Wearing Braces

Avoid Sugary and Sticky Foods

Sugary and sticky foods increase the risk of tooth decay and are difficult to clean around braces. Limit your intake of sodas, candies, and other sugary foods. If you do indulge, make sure to brush your teeth properly afterward.


They can be essential to your oral hygiene routine. It kills bacteria and helps to keep your breath fresh. Choose an alcohol-free mouthwash because alcohol can cause dryness and irritation.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water helps wash away food particles and keeps your mouth hydrated. It also aids in preventing dry mouth, which raises the risk of tooth decay and contributes to bad breath. Carry a water bottle with you so you can sip throughout the day.

These suggestions will help you keep your teeth and braces clean, lowering the chance of issues and guaranteeing a healthy, beautiful smile after orthodontic treatment. Remember that maintaining good oral hygiene while wearing braces necessitates consistency and patience.

Therefore, it’s essential to stick to your schedule, take your time, and consult your dentist or orthodontist if you have any questions. Call us at SkyRise Dental in Thornhill, Ontario, and we will answer them all.

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